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Our Blessed Mother


The Next Cultural Revolution


She Will Lead Us Back to Jesus Christ


For Women and For Men

Of All Ages


This site speaks quite a bit about women and their role in relationships, family, and society. Women need to rediscover their God-given beauty through the attributes He has bestowed upon them, and understand how crucial they are to the health of all relationships. BUT THIS WEBSITE IS JUST AS MUCH FOR MEN AS IT IS FOR WOMEN. Men have also fallen prey to the ills of our society, and need to rediscover and re-learn the beauty of the attributes God has given to the women they love, and how important they are to the happiness of their relationships with each other, as well as with family and society. This has nothing to do with one sex being better or stronger than the other, more successful, more domineering, more powerful, more in charge, more victimized, or any of that. It has EVERYTHING to do with men and women's complimentarity with each other. It has EVERYTHING to do with how God created us and why He created us the way He did. It has EVERYTHING to do with God's plan for ourselves and each other. It has EVERYTHING to do with healthy relationships, which lead to strong families, which, in turn, leads to a strong society. And EVERYTHING to do with attaining that deep peace and joy within our souls that can only come from God.

We MUST work to draw the adults out of the abyss of our current society's sinful ways, and teach our youth the right order of the one eternal Truth, which is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. 

Our society has forgotten the Truth and reason for our existence.  Souls are so lost. They are so confused. People are hurting. There is so much death and destruction, both physically and spiritually. You don't have to look very far to see the unhappiness, the anger, the selfishness, the unrest, the agitation in people's souls, the physical and emotional attacks we inflict upon ourselves, and upon others. It's heart-wrenching, and very, very sad. It needs to STOP and it needs to stop NOW!!! People are searching for that deep happiness that brings joy, hope, and peace to the soul, not realizing that He is here. He is with us, and will dwell within our hearts and in our souls, if we but and ask. 

Please take the time to read and study the information on the following pages, and then forward this site to everyone you know. Even if there is someone you don't think would be interested, forward it anyway. Let them make the decision. Do not make the decision for them. It's imperative that hearts and minds begin to change. It's critical for the health and future of our youth, and for conversion of soul for the adults who have wandered off of the path of Truth; the Truth that is the only path to real happiness, joy, and peace. It's God's love that we  need. He is our great Healer. Please turn to Him, open your heart to Him, give Him a chance, and see how your life will change. Everything that is good comes from God.

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